What's New

New updates and improvements to GolfSheet

Rounding options for handicap calculation

From the Handicap Calculation Settings section of the Group Settings page, you can now choose between 3 rounding options for handicap calculation:

  • Round up
  • Round down
  • Standard Rounding (Rounding up if the decimal is .5 or higher, down otherwise).

"Not Playing For Points"

Do you ever have a sub or alternate that shows up, but ends up not being needed? It wouldn't be cool to just send him or her home, so why not let them play anyway? 

We now support this as an option so that they can be included in side games like skins and closest-to-the-pin. This of course also lets the round count towards their league handicap. When setting up a match, just check the "not playing for points" box and any sort of scoring earned will not count towards the individual or team standings. 

Larger Team Sizes

Previously, Team sizes were restricted to teams of 2 for team mode scoring. We've updated this and now you can have teams of any size. 

Scramble Mode

We now support Scramble mode for seasons and rounds. You can enable it for either from their corresponding settings page.

When enabled, "Teams" will be used as the scoring entities rather than Golfers. Be sure to have your Teams setup here

"Pick Up"

We're thrilled to introduce a new feature to GolfSheet designed to significantly improve the pace of play: the new "Pick Up" option. Activate this feature to allow players to "pick up" their ball on a hole, assigning them the maximum strokes allowed by your group's handicap formula. 

When a player opts to "pick up," their opponent is awarded the points for that hole — promoting faster play without compromising competitiveness. If both players decide to pick up, the points are equally divided.

You can enable this setting at the Season or Round level from either settings page. 

Additional handicap formula setting - Max gross strokes over par

We've expanded the scoring options for handicaps in our latest update. Previously, the system allowed setting a maximum number of strokes per hole contributing to a golfer's handicap, based on their net score. We've now introduced the ability to select between net or gross strokes over par for this calculation, providing greater flexibility in how handicaps are assessed and tailored to your group's rules.

New No-Show Option

We've improved the experience when dealing with no-shows in your group. Now, if a golfer fails to show up, you can substitute their scores with any active participant's scores from the same round. This change ensures that their opponent can still compete against a real player's performance, enhancing the competitive integrity of the match.

Additionally, you have the option to apply the substitute point results towards the no-show's season points, which is common practice in team play scenarios where a member is absent.

This can be set up easily from the Match edit screen:

image.png 235 KB

A Few New Scoring Options

We've just rolled out a few new scoring options in order to support more styles of leagues and groups. 

  1. Most Holes Won: Elevate your match play with our new feature allowing players to gain extra points by winning the most holes in head-to-head matches. It's all about those key moments and strategic plays now!
  2. Customizable Low Net Score Bonus Points: We're excited to introduce a highly customizable feature for awarding bonus points based on low net scores. League organizers can now set any number of positions to receive varying points – whether it’s 5 points for the lowest score, 3 for the second, or any other configuration you decide. Plus, this isn't just for individual scoring; team scores can also reap the benefits of your custom settings.

You can find these new options in the Season and Round settings pages. 

Get a Headcount

We're pleased to introduce a streamlined update to enhance your golfing experience. Now, before any given round or for every round the entire season, we'll automatically send an email to all golfers, asking if they'll be participating in the upcoming round. This convenient feature allows you to confirm your attendance directly from the email—no login required. Simply click "In" if you're joining, or "Out" if you can't make it. Customize the notification to arrive a set number of days before each round, ensuring everyone has ample time to respond. Enjoy a more efficient way to manage your golfing commitments with ease.

This setting can be found in the Season or Round settings. To view results, simply click the "Headcount" button at the top of the Round page. 

Skins by Flight

The latest update to our app introduces a new feature for organizing skin games: the ability to set up Flights for your group. This enhancement allows for a more structured approach to your games, enabling players of similar skill levels to compete more evenly. This feature works alongside the existing ability to handicap certain holes, providing a more tailored and enjoyable gaming experience for all participants.

You can set up flights within either your Season or your Round settings. New Rounds will automatically inherit the Season's skins. This allows for continued adjustments without messing up past calculations, as well as making round-by-round adjustments if needed. 

Custom Tee Times

We've been listening to your feedback and understand that flexibility is the name of the game. That's why we're excited to introduce a nifty update to our app: Custom Tee Times for individual matches.

While we previously allowed setting Tee Times at the season level, we understand that not all golf days are the same. Whether you're organizing a weekend tournament, planning a golf getaway, or setting up non-traditional league matches, this new feature ensures that every round can have its own unique start time.

When creating or editing a Match, simply select Custom Tee Time from the dropdown.

Skin Handicap setting per round

We're thrilled to announce a strategic update to our skins scoring system:

: The decision to use a golfer’s net score for determining the winner for skins was set at the course level.

What's New?: You can now specify for each round (or season) how many of the hardest holes should use net scores.

How It Works: When setting up a round, simply choose the number of hardest holes to apply the net score to. Whether it's the top 3, 5, or any other number, the choice is yours!

Why We Added This: Some groups do not wish to use the same skin settings across the board. This allows for flexibility on a round-by-round basis. 

Closest-to-Pin and Long Drive Settings Per Round

Previously, whether or not a hole was in play for CTP or Longest Drive was determined at the course level. Now, you can change which holes are set for CTP an Longest Drive on a round-by-round basis.

All existing rounds have already been setup to use the previously selected settings for the holes on the courses set for the round.

Moving forward, you'll need to set these for each round when creating it. At the bottom of the Round settings page, you'll see checkboxes for each hole on the course set for the round. Simply check the boxes you want to allow CTP marking for.

Mark Your Own CTP & Longest Drive

Previously, marking a score as the winner of 'Closest to the Pin' or 'Long Drive' was a task reserved for league admins. In our continued efforts to streamline and improve this process, we've lifted this restriction.

From now on, any golfer can mark their score as the current leading performance for 'Closest to the Pin' or 'Long Drive' directly from the score entry screen. 

To maintain the accuracy of the competition, when a new leading score is entered, the checkboxes of prior leaders will be automatically cleared, so it is important to mark yourself the winner right when you finish the hole. 

Team Scoring - Low Score

We are thrilled to announce that we have added a new scoring option for Team play called "Low Score," which was a requested feature by potential users. This new scoring option awards a point to the team whose golfer achieves the lowest net score in a foursome, making it an exciting and competitive addition to your golf game. In the event of a tie, the point is split between the teams.

You can find this option on either your Season or Round Settings page

GolfLeaguer.com is now GolfSheet.app

Golf Leaguer was designed for golf leagues, obviously. However, it turns out it works great for other golf events, so we've changed the name to GolfSheet.

While there is a long way to go before GolfSheet will be the best tool for a large golf tournament that requires registration and payments, it works great for weekend golf trips, tournaments, or just casual rounds where scoring, standings and side games are played.

Need a feature? Contact us here. 

Mystery Pot Game

"Mystery Pot" is available as a side game. How it works: A random total score is selected. Any golfers that got that score takes (or splits, if multiple) the pot.

Enable it by setting the "Mystery Pot" value to something greater than 0 in the Side Game Amounts section of either your Season or Round settings. 

Additional "No show" option

There are now two options for determining how to score an absent golfer:

Default Point Progression
With this method, the Season's "no show point progression" setting is used. Let's use 5,4,3 for this setting as an example. If a golfer misses their first time, they get 5 points. The 2nd miss, they get 4, and so on. 3 would be the lowest score a no-show can earn moving forward no matter how many misses.

With this option the absent golfer simply gets as many points as "the course" earns for them vs. their opponent.

We'll be adding more options as we go. If you have a method your league uses, let us know!

Side game settings adjustable per Round

Previously, the amount for skins, CTPs, etc. were determined for the entire Season. Now you can adjust these values per round. This is great for upping the stakes towards the end of the season or having a special round after the season with more on the line.

These settings will always default to what you have set at the Season level. Click Settings on any Round page to make adjustments. 

Mobile Apps

Good news! There are now both iOS and Android apps available.

Important note: You must have an existing GolfLeaguer.com account to login to the apps. You cannot create one within the mobile app. Click here to sign up now.

Click here to download the mobile apps.